Reaching the goals of the Caucus

The primary goal of the Caucus is to impact public policy by bring focus and accountability to senior issues and by electing representatives who support the following:

  • Affordable, quality health care for all’
  • Fair prescription drug coverage • Affordable housing
  • Safe, livable communities
  • Reliable transportation systems & infrastructure
  • Affordable, quality education for all
  • Fair and equitable tax policies
  • A peaceful world where our grandchildren can succeed

To achieve our goal we:

  • Organize seniors
  • Inform and educate on senior issues
  • Involve seniors in campaigns and policy making
  • Advocate and lobby on behalf of seniors
  • Hold officials accountable

The Caucus works to involve seniors throughout Minnesota in the political process, to provide, a vehicle for their active participation in the DFL Party
and to promote programs and legislation that protect and enhance the lives of seniors and their children and grandchildren. Our unified voice makes a difference in assuring that the needs of older Minnesotans are addressed in law and policy. Our united efforts influence voters

Join us in this endeavor. Together we make a difference!To join or receive more information, go to the JOIN US page or e-mail to