Senior Caucus Board. 2009-2011

A new Senior Caucus Board was elected at the Annual Membership Meeting, May 30, 2009.  Two officers, Secretary and Treasurer were elected.  The following list includes their CD and SD.
Beneke, Mary Ann, 5, 45B, Treasurer
Bernard, Richard, 6, 56B,
Bower, Earl, 2, 37A,
Bye, Don, 8,
Castrovinci, Philip, 1, 30A,
Cusulos, Stephen, 5, 60B,
Feist, Linda, 4, 39A,
Hoyt, Robert, 5, 45B,
Kidder, D Perry, 4, 66B,
Mars, Edward, 7, 09B,
Martin, John, 5, 44A,
Poradek, Jim, 4, 64B,
Reed, James, 3, 47A, Secretary
Rike, Charles, 8, 08B,
Ruzich, Georgiana, 3, 32B,
Sand, Karla, 4, 55B,
Schneider, Dennis, 6, 56A,
Stevenson, Mary, 3, 43B,
Swanson, Joy, 5, 61B,
Young, Elizabeth, 5, 61A,


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