>>Senior Caucus Annual Membership Meeting


Don Bye reaffirmed as Senior Caucus Chair

Karla Sand reaffirmed as Associate Chair

Julianne Johnston elected Membership Director

James Reed, Secretary, and Mary Ann Beneke, Treasurer, were elected in 2009.

All terms run to the Annual Membership Meeting in 2011.

The changes to the charter were approved.

>>June 5  Saturday 10:30 am to 2:30 pm

DFL Senior Caucus Annual Membership Meeting

St. Paul Rondo Community Library, 461 Dale Street North, St. Paul 55103

  1. Review Our Progress since the 2009 Elections.
  2. Help Improve Our Charter.
    The Board has two minor changes to the Charter.  See
    dflseniors.wordpress.com for details.
  3. Hear Keynote Speech by Gubernatorial Nominee Margaret Anderson Kelliher.
  4. Elect Chair, Associate Chair, and Membership Director for 2010.
    Affirm election by Board of Don Bye and Karla Sand.
  5. Direct What We Do for Victory in a Most Important 2010!

Inexpensive luncheon will be available.  Please plan to attend!

Parking info: http://www.stpaul.lib.mn.us/locations/rondo.html#parking


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