>>Patient’s Bill of Rights

The White House Blog:  Giving Americans Control over Their Health Care

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You can watch the President and Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, speak about the people who these rules will help and why they fought so hard to make them part of the new law:

A major goal of the Affordable Care Act is to put American consumers back in charge of their coverage and care.

Here are a few key ways these new rules will help do that:

  • Stop insurance companies from imposing pre-existing condition exclusions on your children;
  • Prohibit insurers from rescinding or taking away your coverage based on an unintentional mistake on an application;
  • Ban insurers from setting lifetime limits on your coverage and restrict their use of annual limits on coverage;
  • Ensure that you can choose the primary care doctor or pediatrician you want from your plan’s provider network;
  • Eliminate the need for a referral to see an ob-gyn;
  • Prohibit insurance companies from requiring “prior approval” before you seek emergency care at a hospital outside your plan’s network.

These rules effectively put in place a basic set of consumer protections known over the years as the “Patient’s Bill of Rights.” This is a concept introduced 15 years ago and supported by both Democrats and Republicans. After years of effort and the passage of the Affordable Care Act,  we are finally protecting those rights and putting health care back in the right hands: yours.


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