>>A Minnesota Governor for Seniors

A Minnesota Governor for Seniors

Mark Dayton, DFL Candidate for Governor &

State Senator Yvonne Prettner Solon, DFL Candidate for Lt. Governor

are committed to working for a Better Minnesota for Seniors

  • The Lieutenant Governor’s Office will be the “Seniors’ Service Center” to make sure that all state agencies provide better services to Minnesota Seniors.
  • Mark will champion a national Single-Payer health care system that covers all medical and prescription drug costs for all Americans throughout their lives. In Minnesota,he will lead the way to state-wide, Single-Payer coverage.
  • He will expand access to affordable long-term care throughout Minnesota.

Click here to read Mark and Yvonne’s “Serve Our Seniors” 5-Point Plan

As our U.S. Senator, Mark had a proven record of commitment to seniors.

  • He donated his entire U.S. Senate salary to pay for bus trips for Minnesota seniors to Canada, where they could buy cheaper prescription drugs.
  • He passed in the Senate my “Taste of Their Own Medicine” amendment, which limited Members of Congress to the same prescription drug benefits they provided seniors under Medicare. Unfortunately, it was eliminated behind closed doors in conference committee.
  • He voted AGAINST the bill, which prohibited Medicare officials from negotiating lower prices for prescription drugs. I co-sponsored all of the Democrats’ bills to eliminate that terrible prohibition, all of which were defeated by Senate Republicans.
  • He introduced legislation that would have provided a refundable tax credit of $1,000 to offset prescription drug costs for Seniors.
  • He co-sponsored several bills that would have equalized Medicare benefits for Minnesota seniors with those for seniors in other states.

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