>>Sloppy business practices by Minnesota Republicans

Sloppy business practices by Minnesota Republicans

DFL gubernatorial candidate Mark Dayton wrote today that:

As a former Minnesota State Auditor and the head of three different state agencies, I was appalled to read this front-page story in yesterday’s Star Tribune.  It said that MnDOT “failed to properly safeguard $55 million in receipts…” and cited other serious management failures.  Even worse, “it was the second time in three years that the agency was cited for sloppy management of state funds” by the Legislative Auditor.

This is yet another failure of sound management practices and financial controls by the Pawlenty administration, which professes to believe “government should be run more like a business.” When an earlier outside audit found a colossal lack of controls in another state agency, it disclosed that Pawlenty’s Department of Management and Budget had eliminated its internal audit positions.  The result then, as now, is that these management failures to establish necessary financial controls went undetected for too long.

Tragically, incidents like this undermine the public’s trust in all of state government.  Taxpayers deserve to know that every one of their hard-earned tax dollars is being spent wisely and effectively.  If I am elected Governor, they will.

As the State Auditor, I established an Office of Special Investigations to examine reports of local governments’ mismanagement of public funds. We found that in most instances, those dollars were being managed responsibly.  However, every public organization needs tight fiscal controls, including an internal audit function to detect shortcomings quickly and correct them immediately, rather than overlooking them until after the damage has been done.

My promise to you and other Minnesotans is that, if I am elected you Governor, you can entrust me with the sound management of your hard-earned tax dollars.  That’s a Dayton’s Money-back Guarantee!”


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