>>DFL officers elected

The DFL Senior Caucus congratulates newly elected  DFL party officers

  • Chair – Ken Martin
  • Associate Chair – Marge Hoffa
  • Secretary – Vanessa Blomgren
  • Treasurer – Tom Hamilton
  • Affirmative Action Officer – Eric Margolis
  • State Directors Jamal Abdulahi and Chris Schmitter.

On accepting the position, Ken Martin said, “I am honored to be able to serve as the next chair of the DFL Party,” said Martin. “I thank Brian Melendez and Donna Cassutt for their years of service and the strong legacy they leave behind at the Party. I look forward to getting to work supporting our DFL elected officials and candidates, promoting the values of our party and fighting against the attacks on our quality of life by conservative majorities in the legislature in Minnesota and Washington, DC.”

[Note: Occasionally Google Ads will follow a post. The Senior Caucus does not control or endorse their content.  Usually they are in good taste.  Occasionally you may find them useful.  However, if you find one offensive or contrary to DFL principals please email your concern to dflseniors@gmail.com ]


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