>>Learn to write great letters-to-the-editor

Join these experts to learn how to write great Unapologetically Liberal Letters to the Editor!

with George Greene, CD3 Chair & Driving Force behind The Pocket Progressive website, Stephen Bucher, Liberal Framer/Messenger Extraordinaire, Two-Putt Tommy Johnson, Blogger, and Grace Kelly, Blogger

Every Tuesday, 7-9 pm, at the SLP Lenox Center Cafeteria, 6715 Minnetonka Blvd
(between Georgia & Hampshire Avenues S), St. Louis Park  55426

Come learn how to:

● Write a great Letter to the Editor

● Effectively Frame your issue so it gets results

● Work with others to change public opinion to bring about change for good

When:  Every Tuesday

Time: 7pm – 9pm

Where:  SLP Lenox Center Cafeteria, 6715 Minnetonka Blvd
(between Georgia & Hampshire Avenues S

This event is open to everyone, you don’t have to be in SD44, so spread the word and bring a friend!

The Details:

Remember the “Butterfly Effect”?  It’s the idea that a small action somewhere can create a much larger reaction elsewhere because of complex interconnections.  It got its name from the idea of a single butterfly’s flapping wings in Brazil setting off a tornado in Texas.  Cute – but is there an example of a small political action creating a large political reaction?  Plenty!  How about the flagging Egyptian Revolution being re-energized by Wael Ghonim’s words?  Without his plea Hosni Mubarak may still be in office.

While we reserved Minnesotans may not feel comfortable taking to the streets to affect change, let’s resolve together to become “Butterfly Effect Letter to the Editor Writers”!  Writing Letters to the Editor or Comments on blogs is a small but significant step towards changing public opinion, which affects how the news is reported, which affects what laws are passed.  We do not have the money the GOP has, which is why we need each and every one of you taking part.

You don’t actually need to have your letter published to make a change!  Newspapers are influenced by numbers of letters on one side of an issue or another.  They may publish a single letter to represent many others, but the greater the number of letters, the greater the likelihood something will be published, and the greater likelihood something bigger will result.   The Republicans work this to their advantage and it’s more than high time we fight back!

District 44 DFL is collaborating with other DFL Districts, DFL Bloggers, and the State DFL to create our own counterforce to the Republican Echo Chamber.  We will be learning how to frame and message from our Values rather than doing the typical dry Democratic “Policy Statements”.

Many of us would like to write Letters to the Editor but don’t for one reason or another.  It may be from:

·        Not fully understanding an issue enough to write about it

·        Understanding an issue, but not sure how to craft a good letter

·        Wanting knowledgeable feedback before sending a letter

·        Distractions at home inhibiting your ability to write

·        Getting the motivation to follow through and finish

·        Knowing the various places to send your letter

·        Learning the tricks of getting a Letter to the Editor published

So District 44 DFL is starting a Weekly Progressive Writers’ Workshop

·        Meetings held at The SLP Lenox Center, 6715 Minnetonka Blvd

·        Come the weeks you feel like it, stay for a half hour or stay for the full 2 hours

·        Bring your laptop or bring paper and pen

·        We will provide background on a number of issues and suggested ways to frame them

·        There will be good banter as we help each other become better writers.

·        We may even spring for some beverages and snacks to help as food for thought

If you want to attend but can’t make Tuesday evenings, let me know so we can make other arrangements for you.

See you there!

Betsy Baker, SD44 DFL Chair


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