>>Alternative teacher license bill

[POST UPDATE]  original posted on 2/20/11

Minnesota Alternative Teacher Licensing Compromise Reached

Additional information (3/1/11) – Conferees adopt alternative teacher licensure pathways report

Senate next, then governor. Story at:


(2/28/11) Governor Dayton and legislative leaders have reached agreement on an alternative licensing plan for teachers in Minnesota.

The bill is designed to address projected teacher shortages, ensure well-prepared teachers with expertise and increase teacher diversity in Minnesota schools. Alternative teacher licensing would allow teachers to work in Minnesota schools without attending the state’s traditional teaching colleges.

Get details at http://mn.gov/governor/newsroom/pressreleasedetail.jsp?id=9978

[Original 2/20/11 post begins]

Seniors have a strong interest in education in Minnesota because it affects their grandchildren’s future and Minnesota’s ability to compete in an ever-evolving complex world.

Currently an “alternative teacher license bill” is working its way through the MN House and Senate on its way to the Governor’s desk.  Is it as good and necessary a bill as its Republican sponsors claim? Does it need some serious tweaking as some DFLrs and teacher union representatives say?  Is it seriously flawed as others have portrayed it?

The bill is now in a joint Senate and House committee to work out differences in their respective bill.  The Governor has not come out either for or against the legislation, and is willing to sit down to work on the details.

To find more details and opinions go to the following NPR articles:



An analysis by past State Senator Jim Carlson, who fought along side Minnesota teachers in the Senate to defeat the bill last year, gives details and insights.  You can read a copy of his post by clicking here.


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