Prettner Solon named to executive committee of NLGA

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Prettner Solon Named to Leadership of National Lieutenant Governors Association

March 08, 2011

Minnesota’s Lieutenant Governor, Yvonne Prettner Solon, has been appointed to the Executive Committee of the National Lieutenant Governors Association (NLGA).  The NLGA is the professional association working with all officeholders first in line of succession to governor in all 50 states and the U.S. territories.

“Through the National Lieutenant Governors Association, lieutenant governor colleagues across the nation work to share ideas and best practices that help each state in their work,” says Maryland Lt. Governor Anthony Brown, the NLGA Chair.  “The position of lieutenant governor is one through which innovative partnerships can be formed to exert influence and deliver substance to the constituents of the states and territories.”

Lt. Governor Yvonne Prettner Solon is serving as Midwest Region, Democrat-At-Large of the NLGA’s  Executive Committee, the Association’s leadership.  The Executive Committee leads on all matters related to the business of the association, accepts responsibility for outreach and maintenance of collegiality in a bi-partisan manner in all matters, and assists in the identification, development, and implementation of best practices which can aid the efficiency and effectiveness of the office of lieutenant governor and state and territorial government in general.

“It is an honor to be named to a leadership position,” said Lt. Governor Prettner Solon. “The challenges facing Minnesota are also facing state governments across the country. I am confident that the ideas shared and partnerships forged between us will result real in real,  tangible benefits to the people we serve.”

“Lt. Governor Prettner Solon was appointed bi-partisanly from among her peers,” said NLGA Executive Director Julia Hurst.  “This affirmation by NLGA leadership speaks to the immediate and positive impact she has made.”

Lt. Governor Prettner Solon’s career in public service began in 1988 when she was elected to the Duluth City Council. She went on to serve as the Council’s Vice President four times, and was elected as the Council President in 1992 and again in 1996. She served as Deputy Mayor from 1992 to 2000. In 2002 she was elected to the Minnesota State Senate where she was a leader in health care and energy policy. She served in the Senate until her election as Lt. Governor. She has both undergraduate and graduate degrees in psychology.

NLGA is a bi-partisan organization promoting regional collaborations and problem solving for almost 50-years.  Visit for more information.


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