>>Seniors – Stop Voter ID Legislation


Legislation (HF 210 and HF89) is moving in the Minnesota legislature that would take away the right to vote many Minnesotans by requiring registered voters to present a photo ID in order to cast their ballot. These bills cleared another hurdle in the Senate last week – and your help is needed to stop them.

Stopping this legislation is important to Minnesota seniors. A similar law passed in Indiana found 16.4% of those over 68 years old did not have a valid ID.

Voter ID laws are harmful, costly, and unnecessary – voting is a basic right that no one should have taken away because they do not have a piece of plastic. Under these bills, anyone without an authorized photo ID – including people who move in October or registered voters who simply forget their ID – would have no way to cast a ballot that counts on Election Day. Many people with disabilities, students, people without stable housing, and elderly voters will have a difficult or impossible time coming up with the right combination of documents to even get an ID.

Why is this even necessary? Two recent statewide recounts have proven that our elections are sound and that our system should make all Minnesotans proud.

You can go to the following link provided by Take Action Minnesota to inform your legislators that you are against Voter ID! It is easy to use and will send your automatically send your message to your representatives based on your address. (Note: If you do not want to be on the Take Action Minnesota email list, just uncheck the box at the bottom of the form.)

Click now and to tell your legislator to vote NO!


Thank You.


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