>>“Liberal”- a scary label? “Taxes” – a dirty word?

Senior Caucus member Dave Mindeman runs the popular progressive blog, mnpACT!.  His June 18 post, Taxes and Government Services: Debit and Credit, provides a thoughtful commentary on government services and taxes – and what has gone sadly awry in Minnesota and America.

“Conservatives have distorted a lot of everyday language these days. They have turned liberal into a scary label, taxes into a dirty word.”

Though “liberals want everyone to succeed,” this has been distorted to mean “lack accountability” and “welfare state.”

“Taxes are what government services have to have to continue,” but conservatives chant “no new taxes.” Taxes on the rich are equated to “job killing.”

Read the post at http://www.mnpact.org/sblog/blog.php?id=2869


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