>>Minnesota Shutdown coming to an end!

“The Shutdown is coming to an end!  

After two weeks, the Minnesota Shutdown is coming to an end! There are no smiles, millions of dollars have been lost, lives have been put on hold or worse, and the Minnesota brand has been severely tarnished, but Minnesota’s government will be working again. Last night Governor Dayton and Republican leaders reached an agreement paving the way to a special session of the legislature and turning on the lights at the Capitol.

The MinnPost, as is so often the case, covered the agreement earlier and in more depth than the mainstream media. Click here to read their article.

Two posts on the Minnesota Budget Bites blog give a more in depth portrayal of where the money goes or doesn’t.  Click here and here.

Senior Caucus director Dick Bernard wrote,  “Predictably, as is always true in these situations, there is a great plenty of glumness, and anger… Now comes the tension of actually getting a deal done: passed by the House and Senate and signed by the Governor. It ain’t over till its over.”  Click here for his thoughtful observations.

Finally, Senior Caucus Communications Chair Judy Berglund interviewed two state employees who are going back to work. Click here to read.


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