Voter Fraud – a Republican myth

The lead editorial in today’s New York Times came down hard on the Republican Myth of Voter Fraud.

It begins with, “It has been a record year for new legislation designed to make it harder for Democrats to vote — 19 laws and two executive actions in 14 states dominated by Republicans… As a result, more than five million eligible voters will have a harder time participating in the 2012 election.

Republicans insist that laws requiring government identification cards to vote are only to protect the sanctity of the ballot from unscrupulous voters not to turn away from the polls people who are more likely to vote Democratic, particularly the young, the poor, the elderly and minorities. Cutting back on early voting, a necessity for many working people, is only to save money.

None of these explanations are true, according to the editorial. In all cases, the Republicans are abusing the trust placed in them by twisting democracy’s machinery to partisan ends.
Please go to the New York Times to read the entire editorial.


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