Caucus Talk – Submit these Resolutions at the Precinct Caucuses

Resolutions that are submitted at the Precinct Caucuses on Feb. 7 form the basis for the new DFL Action Agenda.

The Senior Caucus Political Involvement Committee with input from the membership has developed five resolutions that promote actions that are of utmost interest to Minnesota seniors. They are listed below with links to copies that you can print, fill in your name and phone number/e-mail and your congressional district, senate district and precinct, and submit at the caucus when resolutions are called for.

The resolutions are listed below with links for printing a copy/copies that you that you can take to your precinct caucus:

One of the resolutions addresses health-care; calling for a single-payer universal system.

Resolution-Provide Single-Payer Universal Health Care-2012

Two resolutions concern amendments to Minnesota constitution.

Resolution- Oppose Marriage Amendment- 2012
Resolution-Oppose Photo ID Amendment- 2012

The final two address Transportation and Early-childhood Education

Resolution-Promote Met Council Transportation Effort-2012
Resolution-Provide Early Childhood Education -2012


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