June 2012 Senior Caucus Annual Membership Meeting


Annual Membership Meeting

(Minutes of Meeting – click here)


When:Saturday, June 23rd 9:30 a.m.to3p.m.


1681EastCopeAve., Maplewood,MN55109

Directions -Near the intersection of Highway 36 and White Bear Avenue.
    (From eastbound Hwy 36, exit south on Hazelwood St., then 1st left on Cope Ave E, then .3 mi on left)
    (From westbound Hwy 36, exit south on Whitebear Ave, then right on Cope Ave E, then .3 mi on right)

MAP (Make your own directions)





State officers and legislators will also attend, schedules permitting.


1. Senior Caucusprogressin past year:

Chair Don Bye will review our progress as a Caucus using highlights from our annual report to the DFL.  In 2011, the Caucus was mostly busy in preparation for the 2012 election year, but the Caucus also hosted its summer picnic, worked to extend its reach to greater Minnesota, volunteered again at the State Fair, and ran its fall gala. Status will include the Secretary’s and Treasurer’s report on the Caucus.

2. Committees and their activities:

Associate Chair Karla Sand will review the activities of our six operating committees: Membership, Political Involvement, Communications, Education, Events, and Outreach/Liaison.   Outreach/Liaison developed the Senior Caucus chapters, a successful program to extend the Senior Caucus to greater Minnesota.

3. Vote on changes to Senior Caucus Charter:

Secretary Jim Reed will present a small change to the Senior Caucus Charter recommended by the Board. The change makes official the membership on the Board of DFLSC chapter chairs.

4. State Senator John Marty will speak on Minnesota Health Plan:

State Senator John Marty will speak on the status of the Minnesota Health Plan, how seniors would benefit from the plan, issues with current health care in Minnesota, and how seniors can get involved.

5. Phillip Cryan will describe Health Insurance Exchanges:

Phillip will present the plans for Minnesota’s Health Insurance Exchange.

6. Luncheon – Pizza, $5 per person; Beverages free.

7. New Constituency Caucus positions on the DFL Executive Committee:

Chair Don Bye will lead discussion on the eight positions for constituency caucuses on the DFL Executive Committee. The Senior Caucus can offer candidates for those positions.

8. The political issues affecting seniors:

Dick Bernard will lead discussion on the political issues important to and affecting seniors. From such discussion, the Political Involvement Committee can develop political positions.

 9. Plan Senior Caucus activities in 2012 and beyond:

Chair Don Bye will lead discussion on what the Senior Caucus could and should do for the 2012 elections and in future years.




  For the latest information visit the Senior Caucus website, https://dflseniors.wordpress.com

Click here to get a printable flyer.





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