> e-News and Information for Minnesota Seniors

e-News and Information for Minnesota Seniors from the DFL Senior Caucus

Saturday, June 23. A large group of seniors from around the state came to Maplewood today for the Annual Membership Meeting of the DFL Senior Caucus (http://wp.me/pf70I-10b). They were treated to talks by two of the most knowledgeable and active individuals working on the front line of the Minnesota health care debates.

The first speaker was Senator John Marty (SD 54), a leading advocate of Minnesota health care reform in the legislature. He spoke of the complexity of the issues in the face of the uncertainty of the fate of the federal health care law and the assaults by the GOP on all levels. His ending remarks noted the importance of electing DFL candidates and taking back control of the MN legislature in November to protect recent gains and move forward. His website is http://johnmarty.org/ . He is also editor of the Apple Pie Alliance newsletter (http://www.apple-pie.org  ) that provides information and insights on public policy from a progressive perspective and is a good site for finding information on health care plans.

The second speaker was Phillip Crayan, SEIU Organizing Director and a member of the Commerce Department’s Health Insurance Exchange Advisory Task Force.  He spoke on the new Health Insurance Exchange. A handout, “What can the Insurance Exchange do to tackle health disparities? A lot, it turns out.”, provides a lot of information (Click A Lot it Turns Out). Another source for information is the MN Commerce Department website (http://mn.gov/commerce/insurance/topics/medical/exchange/index.jsp ).


Visit the DFL Senior Caucus website (http://www.dflseniors.wordpress.com) for updates on health care and the voter and marriage amendments.

Remember the state primary elections are on August 14 this year. The general election is on November 6. Absentee voting begins 46 days before each date.


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