Meet the new Senior Caucus newsletter editor

Norm Hanson – the new Editor of the DFL Senior Caucus News

Norm Hanson Last Thursday, Norm Hanson, the new editor of the DFL Senior News was introduced to the Caucus Board of Directors. Norm accepted the position a couple of weeks ago and has been busy becoming familiar with the issues and resources he will use for the next edition.

Norm is a long-time activist in DFL politics, working on campaigns when his father was a state senator from 1954 to 1972, and has been a senate district officer several times over the ensuing years. He has degrees in political science and health care management; is a Viet Nam veteran; and is newly retired after over three decades with the Minnesota Board of Health as a compliance assurance investigator for a wide range Minnesota health-care programs. He said he doesn’t consider himself a health-care expert, but we have found that he does know a very great deal about it.

He was co-editor of the SD54 newsletter, together with Senior Caucus Membership Director Julianne Johnston, for about twenty years where he also wrote articles on Minnesota health care. His articles have appeared in the Senior Caucus News.

In accepting this position, Norm said that he will mine the entire state for local stories, articles and features of interest to readers. He also will publish articles that explain senior specific details of health care and Medicare.  He asks for help in understanding the issues that are most important locally and are of interest to you seniors as parents and grandparents and as active members of your community. Let him know of your concerns regarding public policy issues and health issues that you would like to see addressed in a future issue of the newsletter. 
Look for the next issue of your newsletter shortly after the Annual Membership Meeting that is being held on May 18 in Maplewood.

You can reach Norm through the Caucus email,


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