Volunteers needed: Endorsement Screening of Minneapolis & St. Paul Candidates

The DFL Senior Caucus will participate in the screening of candidates for the upcoming city elections in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. The screenings are scheduled for March 16 at the Carlson School of Management, U of MN. 

This year the process follows a year in which the Senior Caucus exercised its huge political muscle in re-electing the President and defeating the Voter Restriction Amendment in our State.  Do you want to be involved in ensuring candidates understand and are responsive to senior issues.  Volunteer to participate in the Candidate Screening process.

Please RSVP to Karla Sand  or John Martin at dflseniors@gmail.com by Monday, March 11 so we can get a count for lunch and provide the latest information on logistics for the day to the Planning Committee.

Participation in this process is open to those who are members of the DFL Senior Caucus.

There are three parts to the Endorsement process:

1)  First, candidates may respond to written questions if requested.

2)  Second, candidates may respond to questions in person at the screening.

3)  Third, endorsement or no endorsement.

To have the most transparent and democratic process:

We ask you to commit to being at the screening for the entire day, or as much time of the day as possible,

If you are employed by, or actively working on, a candidate’s campaign or are a member of a candidate’s household, you are asked to abstain from that particular office’s endorsement vote;

We ask that you consider each candidate according to their answers based on the responsiveness, understanding, and inclusiveness related to representing the interests and issues of seniors and being accountable to our community.

Karla V. San,  Vice Chair, DFL Senior Caucus


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