Senior Caucus/CD 2 Day on the Hill

From the DFL Dispatch, April 19, 2013

Senior DFL Caucus and Congressional District 2 kick off successful joint ‘Day on the Hill’ – April 17

Day on the hill Last year, the Senior DFL Caucus held its first “Day on the Hill.” In planning their second event for April 17, the Caucus hoped to increase the number of event participants.

At the same time, the Congressional District (CD) 2 DFL was having conversations about hosting a “Day on the Hill.” Roger Gehrke, of Eagan, a member of both organizations recommended the two groups combine their events and a tradition was born.

Senior DFL Caucus Vice-Chair Karla Sand, of Maplewood, said the event was created last year to educate members on what was happening at the State Capitol and to help them feel more comfortable with the legislative process.

“We thought a ‘Day on the Hill’ was the best way to get seniors to the Capitol, see firsthand what is going on with legislation and to meet with their legislators,” Sand said. “The first year was successful, we had wonderful speakers. And it was an opportunity to let legislators know we are out here, we are watching what they are doing and we want them to respond to us.

“We also have a message that we are not just interested in current seniors, but future seniors too.”

CD 2 DFL Chairwoman Sue Moravec said with the new voter index for CD 2, she and Vice Chair Don Slaten are committed to finding ways to engage and empower volunteers and community members in the political process. They were excited about a Day on the Hill because they saw it as an opportunity to educate CD 2 residents in the legislative process; both in how legislation works and how they can influence their legislators, regardless of political party.

“Through the Day on the Hill, we hope to grow awareness of the legislative process and that participants will return to their communities and talk with their friends and neighbors about how they can make a difference on issues they care about,” Moravec said.


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