Frac Mining in Minnesota – a health, environment, jobs issue

Some issues are not just senior issues or DFL issues, but are “everybody” issues; for this generation and those to follow. A video trailer for the documentary The Price of Sand gives a glance into impending open-pit industrial silica sand mining – Frac mining – planned for parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin. The Price of Sand covers this issue in a personal and graphic depiction of what Frac mining means to people.

The You Tube video,, is shared below for your convenience.

The video is recommended by Jeff Slate on the DFL Facebook page. It was produced by Democratic Visions, a group of DFL Senate District 48 volunteers making videos of “interviews, stories, satire and commentaries from progressive, left and moderates.” More videos can be found at

The official premier screening of The Price of Sand was at the Minneapolis Saint Paul International Film Festival on Monday March 22. It will be shown at the Riverview Theater on May Day.

You can get more information on Frac mining at the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency website


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