May 2013 Edition of the Senior Caucus News

Your May Senior Caucus News is available.

Click here to get a copy.

This is the first issue published under “new management”, an issue that you should find very interesting and informative.

  • Find an article on a very active senior and former state DFL party chair -George Farr.
  • See why the Chair, Don Bye, thinks that the Senior Caucus may be the most active constituency caucus within the state DFL party?
  • Not exactly sure what a constituency caucus is?  Read all about that in this issue as well.
  • Find out why 2012 was a very good year for the Senior Caucus.
  • Did you miss the annual meeting of the Senior Caucus or the Day on the Hill this year?  No problem, just read all about it in the latest issue of the newsletter.
  • Read inside about the six area chapters that have received charters from the DFL Senior Caucus.
  • See the feature regarding the Jackie Stevenson award given to Senior Caucus member, Georgiana Ruzich.
  • And finally, what are some of the important decisions about health care that you can make before the need arises?

We hope that you enjoy this latest issue of your Senior Caucus Newsletter.

Click here to get your copy of the newsletter!

Norm Hanson, Editor


One response to “May 2013 Edition of the Senior Caucus News

  1. Wow! Terrific job on the new Newsletter, Norm! Thanks!

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