Senior Caucus Committees & Work Groups

The DFL Senior Caucus is governed in accordance with its Charter by the DFL Senior Caucus Board of Directors. The term of the current Board of Directors expires in 2015.

There are five officers and at least eight directors-at-large. Officers are Don Bye – Chair, Karla Sand – Vice Chair, James Reed – Secretary, Mary Ann Beneke – Treasurer and Julianne Johnson – Membership. Click for a full list of the current directors and their duties.

The work of the Senior Caucus is accomplished through its Committees. Work Groups and Chapters.

The committees and work groups are made up of Senior Caucus member volunteers.

Committees and work groups of the DFL Senior Caucus

Committee chairs and CD representatives can be reached by sending an email to

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE – Julianne Johnston, Chair

Coordinates the recruitment of members and communications on all membership matters. Maintains membership data, including dues payments and volunteer lists. Provides membership reports.  Maintains the MyCampaign database. Produces brochures, membership forms, interest surveys, table packets, etc. to support recruitment and engagement with other DFLers and the public.Works with other committees interacting with members and potential members to ensure consistent member data collection and communication.

*Database Management – John Larva


Produce and distribute the materials – website, newsletters, e-News, e-mail blasts, brochures, flyers, etc. – by which  the Caucus provides information to members and other seniors and promotes Caucus activities and goals to the DFL party and the public. Manages the caucus website, e-mail blast system, list serves and Facebook.

*Newsletter Editor – Norm Hanson

*Website Editor – Earl Bower

*Blasts Manager – John Larva

*Calendar Manager – John Martin

*List Serve and Facebook Manager – John Martin

EDUCATION COMMITTEE  – Elizabeth Young, Chair

Education Committee is responsible to plan, promote and execute trainings, seminars, forums information materials on senior issues identified by the Executive Board and Senior Caucus committees for the general public, Caucus membership, Caucus Board, and/or candidates and elected officials.  Education Committee works closely with other Caucus committees to identify trainings that are Caucus priorities be it either short or long term.

EVENTS COMMITTEE – Karla Sand, Chair

Plans, coordinates Senior Caucus events and programs. It works with other committees to meet Caucus membership and political action goals.

*Annual Membership Meeting

*Annual Picnic

*State Fair Activities – Georgiana Ruzich, Coordinator

*Autumn Gala

*Monthly Lunches  (check calendar)

.2nd Wednesday – SE Metro at Burnsville Godfather’s Pizza

.4th Wednesday – Central Metro at Minneapolis Riverside Perkins


Develop, promote and manage programs through which seniors can participate in political events, projects and campaigns. Ongoing projects/work groups are:

*Seniors-calling-Seniors – John Martin, Coordinator: Matches senior phone bank callers to lists of seniors.

*Senior Residences – John Martin, Coordinator:  Develops plans and procedures for identifying and recruiting DFL senior residents. Will prepare and distribute a manual describing the procedures; assist local units with training and implementation.


Develop, promote and manage programs to build the Caucus -Chapters, luncheon groups, etc. – and develop liaison with groups within the DFL – DFL Central Committee, CD/SD central committees, etc. –  and outside grps – senior X# – to extend the reach of the Caucus.


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