How to use this site

This page contains instructions on how to navigate the website and place posts.  It lists the general contents of the several information pages.

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This DFL Senior Caucus website is a place to find news and announcements that are of interest to Seniors in Minnesota, and it provides you a place to express your suggestions and opinions.

It is one way the Caucus is working to make the community of DFL Seniors a more knowledgeable and effective voice for Minnesota seniors.

The Blog

This website is based on a WordPress blog, and consists of a series of “posts” that are arranged in reverse chronological order – that is, the latest post appears first. Each post is assigned to one or more “categories.” If you click on a category link at the end of the post, you will be provided with all the posts in that category. The left column also provides a list of categories to click on.

At the top of the home page (with a yellow background) is a listing of events and links to items and alerts of immediate interest. The blog posts follow this section.

At the end of each “post” there is a line with a “comments” link. To make a comment on the post, (one of the main ideas of running a blog), click on “comments” and enter your comment in the box provided. You can make your comments after any of the posts. Remember, this is all pretty informal. Suggestions, announcements and ideas can be added to the comment section of this page. All comments will be reviewed and worked on daily. Go to the last section of this page, “Making comments to a blog,” and find out more about commenting.

Remember, if you have any questions or comments, you can email to

Information Pages

Pages on this site that offer various types of information and links to other information sources. This “How to use this site” page is one of them. Some pages are accessed through the five menu tabs above the banner. These are explained below, in order after the HOME or landing page.

ABOUT: Information about the caucus, its goals and history.

COMMITTEES: Information about Senior Caucus committees and what they do. There is a list of Senior Caucus officers and board of directors and their responsibilities.

CHAPTERS: Describes the concept of Senior Caucus chapters and. Current and planned Chpters are discussed.

POLITICAL INVOLVEMEENT: Covers materials and activities of the Education Committee..

RESOURCES: A variety of resources such as printable recruitment materials and board meeting minutes.

JOIN: Information and forms for becoming a member.

Left Sidebar of Home and Blog Pages

The left sidebar is activated on the Home and individual blog pages. It carries links to the newsletter, this page, the Caucus calendar, links to political sites, links to senior health care sites and more.

Making comments to the blog.

There a few things to remember – not rules really, but if everyone follows them, the blog is more interesting and informative.

Stay on the subject: The content of each blog post is usually centered on a particular topic and you should keep your comments to that. If there isn’t another post on the blog that matches what you have to say, send an e-mail to and we’ll put up a post on the subject.

Your comment should contain new information: Read through the comments and make sure your comment offers something new to the conversation.

The difference between a blog comment and e-mail: A blog comment is a public one-to-many. An e-mail is to a specific person(s).

Be sure the tone of your message is clear: People who read your post come from different backgrounds and experiences so sarcasm, jokes and exaggerations can easily be taken the wrong way and keep people from really understanding what you are trying to say.

Cite your sources with short summaries and links.

Be courteous.

Any questions?  Contact us:


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