Volunteer Opportunities

Join with other Seniors to create a Better Minnesota!

Grassroots organizations like the DFL Senior Caucus thrive on the strength, energy and commitment of their members.

In the 2010 elections, just when we elected a DFL governor, the Minnes0ta Senate and House were lost to the Republicans. Frustrating?  Yes, but working together seniors can help take them back.

The Senior Caucus needs to ramp up its efforts in support of Governor Dayton and other DFL representatives, to reverse the devastating switch in the MN Senate and House to Republican majorities, and to fend off legislation that undermines the past DFL gains made for seniors, workers, the poor and the disabled.

We need to take back the Minnesota legislature in 2012.  We need to return Amy Klobuchar to the U.S. Senate.  We need to reelect and elect U.S. Representatives. We need to start now! We all need to participate!

The Senior Caucus has identified the following positions and activities where you can help make it a more effective agency for marshaling the senior vote. Most activities, unless otherwise noted, can easily be done at home in one or two hours per week or less.

While all the opportunities are essential, there is an immediate need for many volunteers for the first four activities. Please consider them carefully and sign on if you are able.

At the end of the list there is a link to an online sign up form.  Please click it and follow the instructions to sign up for activities or further information.  A coordinator will get back to you directly.

Volunteer Opportunities

Telephone Senior Caucus Members (Members-calling-Members)

Phone callers get information that they receive by email to Caucus members that do not have email. Each caller will telephone about 10 members in his/her area.  Calling lists individuals can be tailored to each caller’s situation.  Approximately 60 callers are needed.


Seniors-calling-Seniors is a popular Senior Caucus activity.  Sign up to assigned to a DFL or DFL candidate phone bank near you. Make calls to lists of seniors.  Calls may be voter identification, events or GOTV. Shifts can be 1-4 hours, your choice. At times it may be possible to obtain online lists you can call from home.

Advocacy Network

Be part of advocacy network. Call, e-mail, write legislators and other public officials in response to email or telephone alerts.  Talking points and contact information are provided. Frequency of alerts depends on activity on issues important to Minnesota seniors.

Letters-to-the-Editor Messaging Team

Join a messaging team to write letters to the editor. This important activity gets the DFL message to the public and refutes GOP claims. Weight of letters can influence newspapers’ stance on issues.  Guidance materials will be provided.


Write articles for the newsletter, e-Newsletter and/or website.  Assignments will be discussed with the newsletter editor and webmaster.  You may recommend your own article subjects.


Photograph or video record events. Assignments will be discussed with the newsletter editor or the heads of various committees.

Internet News Watch

Join an internet news watch group. On a daily basis, websites, blogs and news organizations provide news and discussion items.  Internet Watch Team members cull items of interest to Minnesota seniors for use in website posts, e-Letters, alerts and newsletters.

Research healthcare/legislation

Research health care and/or legislative articles for use in posts, e-newsletters and newsletter. Send information to the sriters group or write your own article.

Events Committee

Join to help plan and coordinate Senior Caucus events and programs. Work with other committees to meet Caucus membership and political action goals.

Education Committee

Work with other committee members to plan, promote and execute trainings, seminars, and forums on issues important to seniors.

Membership Committee

Be part of the committee that coordinates the recruitment of members, maintains membership data, provides reports and develops volunteer lists.  The committee is responsible for the  MyCampaign database. Work with other committees interacting with members and potential members to ensure a consistent member data collection.


Coordinate or be part of mailing team that arranges printing (union) , collating and postal mailing of Senior Caucus media pieces.

Senior Residence Group

Members of this group, identify Senior Residences throughout the state, Caucus members in those residences and assist in organizing a Senior Caucus group to disseminate DFL messages and GOTV.

Organize Greater Minnesota Chapter

Form or be a member of a Greater Minnesota Chapter.  Work with the Outreach Committee.

Member of Senior Caucus Board

Be a candidate for the Caucus board, the governing body of the Senior Caucus.

Newsletter Editor

Responsible for all aspects of the newsletter production and delivery with the assistance a team of specialists.  Requires considerable investment of time when a newsletter is being prepared and delivered.


Responsible for all aspects of maintaining the Caucus website. Requires knowledge of WordPress. Greater Minnesota members are encouraged to consider this position.

Website content maintenance

Responsible for uploading content to website posts and pages and making design and format updates.  Requires WordPress experience. Greater Minnesota members are encouraged to consider this position.

Complete the Member Activities Form

To sign on to one or more of these volunteer activities, or to get more information, click on the link below and fill in the online form.  An organizer will get back to you.

Signup Form


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