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Turn On The Off Year

Turn On The Off Year!

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If you haven’t heard, “Turn On The Off Year” is a simple ten point organizing plan intended to build a foundation throughout the state which will help party units as they head into the 2014 elections. It is a program designed to focus volunteer energy on building a strong, effective infrastructure. Continue reading


>The “Other” Important Events at the DFL State Convention

The “Other” Important Events at the DFL State Convention

While delegates will be conducting important DFL business in the convention hall the weekend of June 2 and 3, there are some other events that are important for seniors, delegates and non-delegates, to consider…

The Senior Caucus information table will be available during convention hours.

There will be a Constituency Caucus Reception from 5-7 pm, Sat. June 2 at the Kahler Hotel (check for room). There will be a cash bar and free food.

Valuable training sessions will be held on Sun. June 3, 10:30, 11:30 & 1:30. Click here for info and to register.

Newsletter – February Precinct Caucus Issue plus Resolutions

Obtain your copy of the February Precinct Caucus issue of the DFL Senior Caucus Newsletter.

Click here:  DFL SENIOR CAUCUS NEWSLETTER Februrary 2012

Five resolutions have been prepared by the Senior Caucus and printed on the official DFL form. You can read and print these by clicking here.

Resolutions for Precinct Caucuses

(Note that the newsletter and resolutions are in pdf format and are virus free. Individual pages of multi-page pdf documents can be printed one at a time by highlighting the page thumbnail in side column.)

If you have any difficulty, please contact us at We will respond promptly.

Caucus Talk – Submit these Resolutions at the Precinct Caucuses

Resolutions that are submitted at the Precinct Caucuses on Feb. 7 form the basis for the new DFL Action Agenda.

The Senior Caucus Political Involvement Committee with input from the membership has developed five resolutions that promote actions that are of utmost interest to Minnesota seniors. They are listed below with links to copies that you can print, fill in your name and phone number/e-mail and your congressional district, senate district and precinct, and submit at the caucus when resolutions are called for.

The resolutions are listed below with links for printing a copy/copies that you that you can take to your precinct caucus:

One of the resolutions addresses health-care; calling for a single-payer universal system.

Resolution-Provide Single-Payer Universal Health Care-2012

Two resolutions concern amendments to Minnesota constitution.

Resolution- Oppose Marriage Amendment- 2012
Resolution-Oppose Photo ID Amendment- 2012

The final two address Transportation and Early-childhood Education

Resolution-Promote Met Council Transportation Effort-2012
Resolution-Provide Early Childhood Education -2012

>Caucus Talk – Current DFL Action Agenda

The DFL Action Agenda was approved at the 2011 DFL State Convention.

Resolutions that rise from the upcoming Precinct Caucuses will be the basis for the 2012 Action Agenda.

The 2012 Resolutions approved by the Senior Caucus will be posted in a few days.

The following was excerpted from DFL Party Documents.

The Action Agenda: These statements lay out specific legislative and policy priorities for a two-year period.  Attendees at DFL precinct caucuses begin the process of building the Action Agenda by introducing resolutions at the biennial precinct caucuses. Each of the items in the Action Agenda has received a minimum 60% affirmative vote at a DFL State Convention. The State Convention may approve up to 100 items to include in the Action Agenda. If more than 100 items receive the required 60% approval, the 100 items that received the most votes are included in the Action Agenda.

The categories in each document are arranged alphabetically. The ordering of the points does not reflect rank or priority.