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News and events of interest to seniors sent by blast e-mail. Earlier was titled e-Update.

North Metro Chapter October Lunch


Secretary of State Office Candidates Forum on DFL Concerns
OCTOBER 8, 2013 @ 11:30 A.M.

The next meeting of the North Metro Chapter of the DFL Senior Caucus will be on October 8 @ 11:30 a.m. at the Little Venetian Inn in Little Canada. We are excited about the program for the October 8 meeting that will feature the three announced candidates for the Office of the Secretary of State- Rep. Deb Hilstrom, Rep. Steve Simon and former Rep. Jeremy Kalin. Our three guests will conduct a panel discussion on why they think it is important to keep this important office in the hands of the DFL rather than those of the GOP.

Click for more:  NORTH METRO CHAPTER.10.8.2013 (3)


Citizenship and the Voter Suppression Amendment

“Citizenship” and the Voter Suppression Amendment

In his Democratic National Convention speech, President Obama brought up the concept of “Citizenship.”

Obama had just said, “We’re not entitled to success. We have to earn it. We honor the strivers, the dreamers, the risk-takers who have always been the driving force behind our free enterprise system – the greatest engine of growth and prosperity the world has ever known.”

Then, the President continued, “But we also believe in something called citizenship – a word at the very heart of our founding, at the very essence of our democracy; the idea that this country only works when we accept certain obligations to one another, and to future generations.”

Wow! Citizenship! Continue reading

>Jackie Stevenson, DFL Activist and Senior Caucus Board Member Dies April 22.

DFL Senior Caucus Leader Jackie Stevenson dies at 77

Jackie Stevenson, long-time member of the DFL Senior Caucus and chair of its Political Involvement Committee, died April 22 at her home. Continue reading

>>August DFL Seniors newsletter

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Read        Don Bye’s column “Let’s get to work DFL!!!!”

Op-ed by Dick Bernard, “This is no time to quit…it’s time to start!”

Jim Oberstar keynotes annual (Senior Caucus) meeting.

Central Lakes & Southeastern Minnesota Chapters reports.

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>>e-News 11-0715

Senior Caucus e-News 11- 0715

“The Shutdown is coming to an end!

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>>(video) An urgent message from Senator Franken

>>Senior Caucus Update 10-1221

In this issue:

…Tax Cuts, Unemployment Insurance and Jobs
…111th Congress – What did it do?
…Beware of Phishing
…New government website to help with finances.
…Central Lakes Senior Caucus meeeting
…Take part in the first Alzheimer’s Disease Rally at the Minnesota State Capitol Continue reading

>> e-Update 10-1119 – Stop pay cut to Medicare doctors.

Senior Caucus e-Update 10-1119 – Stop pay cut to Medicare doctors.

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Time is running out! Medicare Doctors once again face big pay cuts and Congress has until Dec. 1 to block the reductions

On Dec. 1, physicians will take a 23 percent cut in Medicare reimbursements with another 6 percent cut on Jan. 1 unless Congress acts.

On Wednesday doctors from all over the country telephoned lawmakers urging them to prevent the cut. Many physicians have posted placards in their offices saying, “Your doctor may have to stop seeing Medicare patients” if Congress does not act.

We seniors have earned our Medicare. We’ve earned the security of knowing that we can keep seeing the doctors we’ve come to trust and with whom we are comfortable after many years of treatment and checkups.

Call Senators Klobuchar and Franken and your Congressional Representative today.  Tell them to ensure that the “doc fix” legislation is passed before Dec. 1. Continue reading

>> e-Update 10-1105

Friday, November 5, 2010

Here we are at Election Day plus three.  Our initial day-after reaction – “Devastation!  Minnesota will become a political wasteland!”  But, after a cup of coffee to clear the senses we realize that it is what it is.  And, more important, it will be what we make it. Continue reading

>>e-Update 10-1029

October 29, 2010

The “Medicare & You” booklet and my health plan renewal information arrived in yesterday’s mail.  After a quick look I already had a couple of questions.  I remembered the Health and Human Services new website, , “Health Care dot Gov, Taking health care into your own hands,” that was described in an earlier update on September 23.  At the website I clickrd on “Information for you” then “Seniors”  and in less than a minute I had my answers.

If you have questions, give it a try;

Now the election, voting and GOTV — Continue reading