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The Senior Caucus Southwest Metro (2nd Wed.) Lunch now has new name, new place

The Senior Caucus Southwest Metro Lunch that has met on the second Wednesday of every month in Burnsville for several years now has a new name and will meet in a new location. Look now for…



Frac Mining in Minnesota – a health, environment, jobs issue

Some issues are not just senior issues or DFL issues, but are “everybody” issues; for this generation and those to follow. A video trailer for the documentary The Price of Sand gives a glance into impending open-pit industrial silica sand mining – Frac mining – planned for parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin. The Price of Sand covers this issue in a personal and graphic depiction of what Frac mining means to people.

The You Tube video,, is shared below for your convenience.

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Senior Caucus/CD 2 Day on the Hill

From the DFL Dispatch, April 19, 2013

Senior DFL Caucus and Congressional District 2 kick off successful joint ‘Day on the Hill’ – April 17

Day on the hill Last year, the Senior DFL Caucus held its first “Day on the Hill.” In planning their second event for April 17, the Caucus hoped to increase the number of event participants.

At the same time, the Congressional District (CD) 2 DFL was having conversations about hosting a “Day on the Hill.” Roger Gehrke, of Eagan, a member of both organizations recommended the two groups combine their events and a tradition was born. Continue reading

DFL Senior Caucus/Congressional District 2 Day on the Hill – April 17

Updated 4/12

Join us for the DFL Senior Caucus/Congressional District 2 Day on the Hill.

This years Senior Day on the Hill is a Collaborative Effort between the Senior Caucus and Congressional District 2.

Date:  April 17, 2013, Wednesday, Room 318 Capitol 9 am -3 pm

Pleas RSVP so we can make arrangements and have literature for everyone.

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>Senior Resources for help with Healthcare, drug costs, Medicare

Senior Resources for help with Healthcare, drug costs, Medicare & Medicare Plan D enrollment and related issues

(This information has been compiled by the DFL Senior Caucus Education Committee. If you would like to print this information, click  Senior Resources for help with Healthcare, etc.)

(Additional information is available on this website at Healthcare & Medicare Info.)

The Senior LinkAge™ Line [800-333-2433] is a free telephone information service. Staff assists with Medicare & Part D enrollment & issues, Medigap policy selection and Social

Security. Staff help find solutions to many problems facing seniors. These include food/meal delivery, transportation, home care and more.

Minnesota Board on Aging [MBA] [651-431-2500 or 800-627-3529]  is the gateway to services for seniors and their families. MBA provides information about local and regional resources and agencies. The MBA publishes Health Care Choices 20101 which describes in detail Medicare supplements and Medicare prescription insurance plans offered in Minnesota. The 2010 issue will be available this Fall at the MBA, the Senior Linkage Line and local libraries.

Metro Area Agency on Aging [MAAA] [651-641-8612] Continue reading

Caucus Talk – Submit these Resolutions at the Precinct Caucuses

Resolutions that are submitted at the Precinct Caucuses on Feb. 7 form the basis for the new DFL Action Agenda.

The Senior Caucus Political Involvement Committee with input from the membership has developed five resolutions that promote actions that are of utmost interest to Minnesota seniors. They are listed below with links to copies that you can print, fill in your name and phone number/e-mail and your congressional district, senate district and precinct, and submit at the caucus when resolutions are called for.

The resolutions are listed below with links for printing a copy/copies that you that you can take to your precinct caucus:

One of the resolutions addresses health-care; calling for a single-payer universal system.

Resolution-Provide Single-Payer Universal Health Care-2012

Two resolutions concern amendments to Minnesota constitution.

Resolution- Oppose Marriage Amendment- 2012
Resolution-Oppose Photo ID Amendment- 2012

The final two address Transportation and Early-childhood Education

Resolution-Promote Met Council Transportation Effort-2012
Resolution-Provide Early Childhood Education -2012

>>Alternative teacher license bill

[POST UPDATE]  original posted on 2/20/11

Minnesota Alternative Teacher Licensing Compromise Reached

Additional information (3/1/11) – Conferees adopt alternative teacher licensure pathways report

Senate next, then governor. Story at:

(2/28/11) Governor Dayton and legislative leaders have reached agreement on an alternative licensing plan for teachers in Minnesota.

The bill is designed to address projected teacher shortages, ensure well-prepared teachers with expertise and increase teacher diversity in Minnesota schools. Alternative teacher licensing would allow teachers to work in Minnesota schools without attending the state’s traditional teaching colleges.

Get details at

[Original 2/20/11 post begins]

Seniors have a strong interest in education in Minnesota because it affects their grandchildren’s future and Minnesota’s ability to compete in an ever-evolving complex world.

Currently an “alternative teacher license bill” is working its way through the MN House and Senate on its way to the Governor’s desk.  Continue reading