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August – September Senior Caucus News is available

August – September Senior Caucus News is available

Click here to get a copy.

In this Issue

Read the articles and photos of Senior Caucus members and friends at the recent Minnesota State Fair visiting with Governor Dayton, the Pine County Fair and the annual picnic in Golden Valley.

Read the article on Obamacare and MNsure if you have questions about the health care reforms about to go into effect on January 1, 2014

Not sure on what to do with your unused prescription medications?  Read Julianne Johnston’s suggestions regarding their proper disposal.

Read the summary of 2013 legislative actions affecting and of interest to seniors in the new Capitol Corner feature.

Mark your calendar for upcoming Senior Caucus events including the annual gala on November 17.

Norm Hanson, editor


The Senior Caucus Southwest Metro (2nd Wed.) Lunch now has new name, new place

The Senior Caucus Southwest Metro Lunch that has met on the second Wednesday of every month in Burnsville for several years now has a new name and will meet in a new location. Look now for…


In letter to President House Democrats Reaffirm Commitment to Vital Seniors’ Programs

As reported by the Alliance for Retired Americans, 107 Democratic members of the U.S. House of Representatives (Members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus) released a letter last Friday in which they implored President Obama not to agree to any cuts to Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid as part of an upcoming deal over the sequester cuts. Continue reading

MN Health Insurance Exchange

The Minnesota Health Exchange: What is it? When is it open for business? Where can I get more information? Continue reading

Radon in your home? Something you should check for?

A recent article in the Star Tribune was headlined Minnesota homes have become hotbed for radioactive gas”.  “Become hotbed” makes it sound as if this is something new. Actually, Minnesota has always had a plentiful supply of radon, it just hasn’t been given the notoriety it deserves. This is one of those situations where “what you don’t know can kill you.” Continue reading

Minnesotans receive Valentines’s Day gift for health care reform

A happy Valentine’s Day for health care reform

This is the heading of a February 14 post on the Minnesota Budget Bites blog. This nonprofit presents independent research, analysis and advocacy on budget and tax issues, emphasizing their impact on low- and moderate-income Minnesotans; a demographic that includes many seniors. Continue reading

> e-News and Information for Minnesota Seniors

e-News and Information for Minnesota Seniors from the DFL Senior Caucus

Saturday, June 23. A large group of seniors from around the state came to Maplewood today for the Annual Membership Meeting of the DFL Senior Caucus ( They were treated to talks by two of the most knowledgeable and active individuals working on the front line of the Minnesota health care debates.

The first speaker was Senator John Marty (SD 54), a leading advocate of Minnesota health care reform in the legislature. He spoke of the complexity of the issues in the face of the uncertainty of the fate of the federal health care law and the assaults by the GOP on all levels. His ending remarks noted the importance of electing DFL candidates and taking back control of the MN legislature in November to protect recent gains and move forward. His website is . He is also editor of the Apple Pie Alliance newsletter (  ) that provides information and insights on public policy from a progressive perspective and is a good site for finding information on health care plans.

The second speaker was Phillip Crayan, SEIU Organizing Director and a member of the Commerce Department’s Health Insurance Exchange Advisory Task Force.  He spoke on the new Health Insurance Exchange. A handout, “What can the Insurance Exchange do to tackle health disparities? A lot, it turns out.”, provides a lot of information (Click A Lot it Turns Out). Another source for information is the MN Commerce Department website ( ).


Visit the DFL Senior Caucus website ( for updates on health care and the voter and marriage amendments.

Remember the state primary elections are on August 14 this year. The general election is on November 6. Absentee voting begins 46 days before each date.

June 2012 Senior Caucus Annual Membership Meeting


Annual Membership Meeting

(Minutes of Meeting – click here)


When:Saturday, June 23rd 9:30 a.m.to3p.m.

Continue reading

>Senior Resources for help with Healthcare, drug costs, Medicare

Senior Resources for help with Healthcare, drug costs, Medicare & Medicare Plan D enrollment and related issues

(This information has been compiled by the DFL Senior Caucus Education Committee. If you would like to print this information, click  Senior Resources for help with Healthcare, etc.)

(Additional information is available on this website at Healthcare & Medicare Info.)

The Senior LinkAge™ Line [800-333-2433] is a free telephone information service. Staff assists with Medicare & Part D enrollment & issues, Medigap policy selection and Social

Security. Staff help find solutions to many problems facing seniors. These include food/meal delivery, transportation, home care and more.

Minnesota Board on Aging [MBA] [651-431-2500 or 800-627-3529]  is the gateway to services for seniors and their families. MBA provides information about local and regional resources and agencies. The MBA publishes Health Care Choices 20101 which describes in detail Medicare supplements and Medicare prescription insurance plans offered in Minnesota. The 2010 issue will be available this Fall at the MBA, the Senior Linkage Line and local libraries.

Metro Area Agency on Aging [MAAA] [651-641-8612] Continue reading

Caucus Talk – Submit these Resolutions at the Precinct Caucuses

Resolutions that are submitted at the Precinct Caucuses on Feb. 7 form the basis for the new DFL Action Agenda.

The Senior Caucus Political Involvement Committee with input from the membership has developed five resolutions that promote actions that are of utmost interest to Minnesota seniors. They are listed below with links to copies that you can print, fill in your name and phone number/e-mail and your congressional district, senate district and precinct, and submit at the caucus when resolutions are called for.

The resolutions are listed below with links for printing a copy/copies that you that you can take to your precinct caucus:

One of the resolutions addresses health-care; calling for a single-payer universal system.

Resolution-Provide Single-Payer Universal Health Care-2012

Two resolutions concern amendments to Minnesota constitution.

Resolution- Oppose Marriage Amendment- 2012
Resolution-Oppose Photo ID Amendment- 2012

The final two address Transportation and Early-childhood Education

Resolution-Promote Met Council Transportation Effort-2012
Resolution-Provide Early Childhood Education -2012