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August – September Senior Caucus News is available

August – September Senior Caucus News is available

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In this Issue

Read the articles and photos of Senior Caucus members and friends at the recent Minnesota State Fair visiting with Governor Dayton, the Pine County Fair and the annual picnic in Golden Valley.

Read the article on Obamacare and MNsure if you have questions about the health care reforms about to go into effect on January 1, 2014

Not sure on what to do with your unused prescription medications?  Read Julianne Johnston’s suggestions regarding their proper disposal.

Read the summary of 2013 legislative actions affecting and of interest to seniors in the new Capitol Corner feature.

Mark your calendar for upcoming Senior Caucus events including the annual gala on November 17.

Norm Hanson, editor


DFL Senior Caucus/Congressional District 2 Day on the Hill – April 17

Updated 4/12

Join us for the DFL Senior Caucus/Congressional District 2 Day on the Hill.

This years Senior Day on the Hill is a Collaborative Effort between the Senior Caucus and Congressional District 2.

Date:  April 17, 2013, Wednesday, Room 318 Capitol 9 am -3 pm

Pleas RSVP so we can make arrangements and have literature for everyone.

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Rep. Clark Johnson (N. Mankato) brings DFL House Caucus to 73

Representative Erin Murphy, House Majority Leader posted This afternoon:73 Membe4 StrongEarlier today Clark Johnson (DFL-North Mankato) was sworn in as the newest member of the Minnesota House of Representatives.  That means the DFL House Caucus is 73 members strong again – and it’s thanks in large part to supporters like you.It’s this same grassroots support that Continue reading

>>Minnesota Shutdown coming to an end!

“The Shutdown is coming to an end!  

After two weeks, Continue reading

>>GOP shuts down Minnesota


At Midnight, July 1, 2011, and the Minnesota GOP reached one of it’s goals – it proved that it could  grind the state government to a near halt.  Continue reading

>>Special legislative session – special rules

Special legislative session – special rules

The regular session of the Minnesota legislature is over and balancing the state budget is still as formidable a task as it was in January.  There is a $5 billion shortfall that an intractable GOP legislature is determined to load on the backs of seniors and vulnerable Minnesotans. Luckily, we have Governor Dayton and his power to say no. Next is a special session of the legislature to solve the problem before Minnesota grinds to a halt.

Exactly what is a special session? Minnesota Budget Bites looked into that question and found that special sessions have special rules.  To read what they found, go to

>>DFL Senior Caucus press conference on GOP buget bill

The DFL Senior Caucus, together with the DFL held a press conference March 30 discussing  the impacts of cuts proposed by Republicans in the Health and Human Services Budget Bill. on Minnesota seniors. SF 760 would cut $2.68 million from Senior Nutrition Program grants that fund services such as Meals on Wheels. Defunding programs like Meals on Wheels and other senior waivers would leave seniors “to fend for themselves” said Patrick Rowan, executive director of Metro Meals on Wheels. More seniors would be unable to live on their own and would be forced into nursing facilities, increasing the financial burden borne by the state.

Poor economics, mean economics.

Watch live streaming video from theuptake at

>>Minnesota legislature and Arizona-style immigration

Minnesota Legislature: One Bill at a Time Toward Arizona-Style Immigration Enforcement

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>>Alert! Termination of All Public Pensions Introduced in Minnesota!

Legislatiive Alert

Termination of All Public Pensions Introduced in Minnesota!

Representative Mark Buesgens (Republican) introduced HF594 which, if enacted would eliminate all public pension plans in the state effective July 1, 2011. If it were to pass, current employees may apply for only the amount of money they personally contributed to the fund. This is terrible legislation.
Please contact your legislators and demand that they vote no for this legislation!

>>Alternative teacher license bill

[POST UPDATE]  original posted on 2/20/11

Minnesota Alternative Teacher Licensing Compromise Reached

Additional information (3/1/11) – Conferees adopt alternative teacher licensure pathways report

Senate next, then governor. Story at:

(2/28/11) Governor Dayton and legislative leaders have reached agreement on an alternative licensing plan for teachers in Minnesota.

The bill is designed to address projected teacher shortages, ensure well-prepared teachers with expertise and increase teacher diversity in Minnesota schools. Alternative teacher licensing would allow teachers to work in Minnesota schools without attending the state’s traditional teaching colleges.

Get details at

[Original 2/20/11 post begins]

Seniors have a strong interest in education in Minnesota because it affects their grandchildren’s future and Minnesota’s ability to compete in an ever-evolving complex world.

Currently an “alternative teacher license bill” is working its way through the MN House and Senate on its way to the Governor’s desk.  Continue reading