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>>GOP shuts down Minnesota


At Midnight, July 1, 2011, and the Minnesota GOP reached one of it’s goals – it proved that it could  grind the state government to a near halt.  Continue reading


>>DFL Senior Caucus press conference on GOP buget bill

The DFL Senior Caucus, together with the DFL held a press conference March 30 discussing  the impacts of cuts proposed by Republicans in the Health and Human Services Budget Bill. on Minnesota seniors. SF 760 would cut $2.68 million from Senior Nutrition Program grants that fund services such as Meals on Wheels. Defunding programs like Meals on Wheels and other senior waivers would leave seniors “to fend for themselves” said Patrick Rowan, executive director of Metro Meals on Wheels. More seniors would be unable to live on their own and would be forced into nursing facilities, increasing the financial burden borne by the state.

Poor economics, mean economics.

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>>Advocate! You are a Constituent! You can have an impact on legislation!

You are a Constituent!  You can have an impact on legislation!

How can you as an individual have an impact on legislation?

…As a constituent your views do matter.  How you express your views also matters.

Even if your representative is not of your party, you are still his/her constituent.  Make your views known.  Even if you know your representative is for a particular issue or legislation that you favor, he/she can still use your support.  The important thing is to contact your representative on every issue you believe in or are opposed to.

The Congressional Management Foundation ( has just released a report based on a survey of 260 congressional staff members on their opinions of communications from constituents.  The survey asked, “If your Member/Senator has not already arrived at a firm decision on an issue, how much influence might the following advocacy strategies directed to the Washington office have on his/her decision?”

What did they find; what are the best ways to get your views across?  Continue reading