Resolutions 2010

Senior Caucus Resolutions

These are short descriptions followed by links to six resolutions that have been developed and approved by the Senior Caucus Resolution Committee as party actions that will be important to seniors.  If you want to take any of these resolutions to your Caucus, just click the associated link to download a copy of the two page resolution.  Print it on the front and back of one sheet.

While the Senior Caucus Board recommends these resolutions, you may submit any that promote issues that you are especially dedicated to. Follow the form of these resolutions and be as brief and direct as possible.  If you have questions contact Linda Feist, 651-457-5121,

Medicare Plan D

Be it resolved that at least one Medicare Plan D drug benefit plan be offered through Medicare giving consumers the choice between a cost-effective public plan and a private for profit plan

Be it resolved that the federal government be required to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies on behalf of seniors and persons with disabilities for lower drug prices for Medicare Plan D drug plans.

1 Medicare Plan D

Maintain Social Security

Be it resolved that Congress stop using Social Security Funds for use in the general budget and use the funds only to pay social security benefits.

2 Social Security Funds

Health Care for all Minnesotans

Be it resolved that the Minnesota Legislature enact legislation providing access to, and a funding method for, affordable, accessible, quality healthcare for every Minnesotan

3 Health Insurance for all Minnesotans

Government pass legislation permitting the re-importation of prescription drugs.

Be it resolved that the US Congress and if possible the Minnesota Legislature enact legislation that allows individuals, pharmacies and wholesalers to re-import prescription medications from other industrialized nations.

4 Reimportation of Drugs

Promote and support “aging in place.”

Be it resolved that the Minnesota Legislature promote and support “aging in place” programs so Minnesota seniors can remain in their homes and require that state agencies including the Minnesota Board on Aging increase public awareness of these programs through education, promotion, and publicity.

5 Aging in Place

Move toward sound fiscal responsibility by restoring tax cuts

Be it resolvedthat the State of Minnesota return to the sound fiscal and taxation policies in existence prior to the year 2000

6 Restore Tax Cuts


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